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Bathing House
General introduction

The "SÓSTÓ BATHING HOUSE-PENSION" is a national monument building, which was the first spa in the city – as it can be read on the inscription board on its wall.

Built according to the design of István Pazár, it was operated since 1911 with a water piping system and 8 rooms as well as 6 baths, then, after 30 years of torture, it was opened again in 2000 for those willing to recovery and rest. In the pension in the attic there are 12 double, 2 triple and 2 single rooms, and two apartments for families.
Each comfortable room equipped with modern furniture has got a bathroom and a toilet, also a minibar, radio, TV and telephone. In front of the pension there is a secured parking place, free of charge for the guests. In the place of the former cabins – in which there used to be wooden baths filled with the thermal water of the lake – today we have a pool with healing water, a whirlpool and a sauna. Besides thermal water, you can enjoy refreshing and healing massage as well. Services available in the bathing house are free for pension guests.
Opposite the building you can find the renovated old water tower, in which an information office is operating. In Sóstó there are several reastaurants and clubs, but the approximity of and the easy access to the city may help you get to know the day and night life of Nyíregyháza as well.


- pool with thermal water (36 °C)
- pool with thermal water (38 °C)
- sauna plunge pool
- whirlpool (36 °C)


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Hotel Bathing House***  Price list only Spa section

Adult price 2.100,-HUF.
Children price 1.000,-HUF.
Reduced price 1.800,-HUF.
Safe deposit 500,-HUF.

Children price: for between 3-6.
Reduced price: student between 6-24 , and guests over 60 (with proof of identity for validating entitlement).

Medical services to be provided in case of medical prescription

Weigh bath 1.600,-HUF.
Medical healing massage 2.000,-HUF.
Under-water water stream massage 1.600,-HUF.
Under-water group medical training 1.600,-HUF.
Szénsavas fürdő 2.000,-HUF.

Medical services to be provided without medical prescription

Refreshing massage (20 minutes) 1.600,-HUF.
Wellness massage (30 minutes) 2.300,-HUF.
Wellness massage (40 minutes) 3.000,-HUF.
Solarium (3 minute) 290,-HUF.

Services to be provided in case of medical prescription

Weigh bath 490,-HUF.
Medical healing massage 490,-HUF.
Under-water water stream massage 490,-HUF.
Under-water group medical training 490,-HUF.
Szénsavas fürdő 490,-HUF.
Ticket for prescribed patients 490,-HUF.

Hotel Bathing House – Price list applicable for 2013
Prices to be applied for one night in HUF.

Price in HUF/room/night Pre- and Late season Main Season High Season
Single bed 10.900,-HUF. 11.900,-HUF. 12.900,-HUF.
Double bed
16.900 ,-HUF. 17.900,-HUF. 18.900,-HUF.
23.300,-HUF. 25.700,-HUF. 26.700,-HUF.
Four-bed apartment for 2 persons
21.200,-HUF. 22.800,-HUF. 23.800,-HUF.
Four-bed apartment for 3 persons
25.500,-HUF. 28.900,-HUF. 29.900,-HUF.
Four-bed apartment for 4 persons 30.000,-HUF. 33.800,-HUF. 34.800,-HUF.

Room prices include an unrestricted use of the Spa Section of the Aquarius Wellness Spa (Thermal, Children and Experience sections) and the Spa Section of the Hotel Bathing House (medicinal water pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, hot-air chamber, salt cave) within the opening hours.
Buffet breakfast: HUF 1.500 /person/day
Three-course dinner: HUF 2.500 /person/day
Half board service: HUF 4.000 /person/day

Reduced prices for children:
From the age of 0-3, free of charge. (In case of an extra bed in the room of the parents. Under 3 additional dinner and breakfast is available via extra order only – dinner price: HUF 1250 /person/day, breakfast price: HUF 750 /person/day.)
From the age of 3–12, a 50% allowance is provided for accommodation and meals. The allowance is provided for normal bed for children as well.
Families are accommodated in 3-bed rooms or 4-bed apartments. Apartments are divided into two parts, also suitable for two adults and two children under 12.

Reduced prices for groups:
In case of a single booking for 15 persons, a 10% allowance is provided for accommodation. No allowance is available for meals and other services.

A 15% commission is provided for travel agencies for accommodation. No allowance is available for meals and other services.

Tourist tax:
Accommodation prices do not include tourist tax; the tax should be paid in the spa for guests over 18. Tax amount: HUF 300/person/night.

SZÉP Card accepted!


Pre-season Main season Late season High season
02 Jan. 2013 – 13 March 2013
18 March 2013 – 28 March 2013
02 April 2013 – 16 Max 2013
21 May 2013 – 15 Aug. 2013
21 Aug. 2013 – 31 Aug. 2013
01 Sept. 2013 –30 Oct. 2013
04 Nov. 2013 –21 Dec. 2013
27 Dec. 2013 – 28 Dec. 2013
01 Jan. 2013
14 March 2013 - 17 March 2013
29 March 2013 - 01 Apr. 2013
17 May 2013 – 20 May 2013
16 Aug. 2013 – 20 Aug. 2013
31 Oct. 2013 – 03 Nov. 2013
22 Dec. 2013 – 26 Dec. 2013
29 Dec. 2013 – 01 Jan. 2014
Opening hours

Opening hours of the Bathing House:
Monday - Sunday 08:00 - 21:00

Opening hours of the Hotel Fürdőház***:
every day 0 - 24 hours


Adress: H-4431 Nyíregyháza - Sóstógyógyfürdő
Tel.: +36 42 411-191
E-mail: ertekesites@sostort.hu

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